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If you are interested in placing your animal on our books, please fill in the following form below.

Please note that due to the way we store these details, for easy referencing of animals, you will need to submit one form per animal that you wish to list with us.  Your contact details and the details of your animal will be entered into our database.  Upon hitting the submit button, the system will send you an email requesting you confirm your email address.  Once confirmed, your details are safely in our database.

Monty - SPCA Driving Dogs

Monty - SPCA Driving Dogs


Please note that due to the way we store and use this information, we need to request photos separately to this form.  We also prefer to use up to date photos and often require specific photos for specific jobs. Therefore, we will only request photos of the relevant animals if a suitable project comes up.  If your pet has a specifically unusual look, please describe in the comments box below.

Future Work

Once your details are loaded, we will contact you if we get an animal talent enquiry that may suit.

We look forward to the possibility of working with you and your pet.

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