Animals On Q

“Loved stars for life… living life”

Mark Vette’s Animals on Q is NZ’s premiere Film and TV Animal Training Team. We are the go to team for Hollywood films and TV commercials based in NZ.  With Narnia, The Last Samurai, Lord of the Rings, Toyota Bugger Dog, Genesis Pukekos and Driving Dogs we produce world first and top of the line animal performances.
With state of the art skills and a primary animal welfare focus we choreograph and train complex performances and have a comprehensive talent agency as well.
We see our work as our love and passion. We want not only to provide entertainment but also to offer an enjoyable and stimulating experience for the animals we work with.

Purina Pound Pups
to Dog Stars

A rescue series showing you how we transform death row dogs into stars

This is our exciting new global prime time TV series, sponsored by Purina, showing us rescuing dogs that come from terrible abuse and difficulty. This heartfelt series follows us rescuing these dogs, from pounds and welfare organisations and rehabilitating them from difficult problems including phobias, aggressions, escaping and anorexia’s.
It’s a tear jerking show, seeing the dogs go from rags to riches.  You will also see us treating behaviour problems in our clinic and get a glimpse of behind the scenes working with animals on film and TV.
Make sure you catch it
TV 1 Monday nights at 7.30pm

Animal Behaviour Clinic

Dog Zen - The Art and Science of 
Dog Behaviour

Mark Vette trained as one of NZ’s very first and most qualified Animal Behaviour Consultants over 30 years ago. Mark studied wolves in the USA and his training in clinical animal psychology establishes him as one of the experts in this field. His team are also highly expert and experienced in the animal training arena.
We treat dogs and cats in our purpose built facilities. We diagnose problems through consultation. We either teach you what to do or we bring your dog out to our Clinic as one of the only residential facilities in NZ.

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