Access: Animal Talent

Animals on Q - loved animal stars for film and TV

Mark Vette’s Animals on Q is NZ’s premiere Film and TV Animal Training Team.

We choreograph and train complex performances to brief.

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Toyota Bugger Dog, The Genesis Pukekos, Sony's Octographer and the famous Driving Dogs - are all great examples of our work. 

We achieve 'amazing results lovingly' - ensuring that the roles our animals take on are stimulating, safe and enjoyable.

A roster of amazing animal talent is available.

Learn: Dog Zen - The Book

Finally the release of my first book is here!

Ever wanted a harmonious, happy bond with your dog you can trust in any situation, then this is the book for you!

You’ll learn to truly understand your dog, how to build a harmonious, happy relationship, raise a loving pup, and fix the most common behavioural problems. It is all so possible!

A transformative, practical guide to developing the ultimate relationship with your dog. It is fascinating and easy to read, full of stories and beautiful photos of the dogs in my life.

Purchase our book bundle deal and get the first month of Mark’s online dog training program for only $1!

Retrain: The 'Dog Zen' Way

Treating behavior problems

Needing help with behavioral issues in your dog?  Then here's two ways you can access Mark's 40 years of behavioral clinical experience.

Dog Zen is a comprehensive online dog training program, that will teach you how to fix problems through understanding and communicating with your dog!

With over 30 videos and support documents you’ll learn why your dog behaves the way it does and get step-by-step instruction on how to achieve amazing results - loving. Learn more at

Mark's Auckland based Behavior clinic is for dogs with serious behavioral issues and is a great option for intensive retraining and to correct problems that are causing you, or your dog, distress.

To enquire about our Behavior Clinic, please email