Mark Vette’s Auckland Behaviour Clinic has been specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of pet behaviour problems for over forty years. Our lead Animal Behaviour Consultant Mark Vette has a Master’s degree in the Animal Behaviour field, and is one of the only professionally qualified Animal Behaviour Consultants in New Zealand.

The majority of our clients are dogs and cats, but we also have knowledge of most other pet species and are in touch with many other Animal Behaviour Specialists worldwide.

Mark has trained and practiced in Clinical Animal Psychology and is known in the profession as the expert in this field. Mark’s expertise has been utilised for local government, council welfare groups and a variety of animal organisations. He has shared his knowledge with students of Animal Behaviour in classrooms at Auckland and Massey Universities. He is also a well known TV commentator on current animal subjects. 

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The three main services we offer are: telephone consultations, face-to-face consultations, and in-clinic treatment.


Face-to-face consultations are operated on weekdays by arrangement with the clinic. Consultations run for one hour (sometimes up to ninety minutes).  During this time a full history of the problem is gathered, a diagnosis is made, and a therapy plan is discussed.  It is important for the animal to attend the consultation, as well as any people directly involved in the animal's care.

Telephone consultations are offered so that clients with simple problems, or those who are unable to visit our facility, can be assisted. This is a person-to-person call with our consultant Mark Vette. As this is a one-on-one consultation, you will need to call and arrange a time suitable for the telephone conference.


For more difficult and serious behaviour problems, we offer in-clinic treatment. We have a state-of-the-art facility where we can hold dogs for the duration of their treatment. This allows us more time to apply one-on-one sophisticated treatment techniques to modify resistant and difficult behaviour problems.

A lot of our work is through vet referrals, and we will work closely with the vets to ensure a complete treatment plan is enacted.


The normal protocol is to come for a consultation that lasts between one and two hours. In that time, a differential diagnosis is made and a therapy plan recommended. If this is agreed upon, then we proceed to take the dog or dogs into clinic and work them through the therapy plan. We have a very high rate of success, and have a high level of client appreciation.

At the end of clinic treatment, we transfer the training to the owner and the whole family, so they learn any new commands and further training. Follow-up support via email and phone is also available after clinic treatment which is free for a period of time. We have state-of-the-art training aids, as well as support DVDs, tapes and equipment that assist in modifying long term serious problems. Most vets are familiar with Mark's work and will provide verbal references if you enquire.

To enquire about our Behaviour Clinic, please email