Could a rescue dog be taught to fly a plane?

A factual TV series in the UK called ‘Dogs Might Fly’ in which, you guessed it, Mark Vette has taught a rescue dog called Reggie to fly a plane.

This series explores dogs’ extraordinary ability, proving that dogs have distinct personalities and incredible levels of intelligence. Mark joins a team of experts and scientists to explore communication, empathy, memory and reasoning with the dogs, resulting in the ultimate question: could a dog fly a plane?



Purina Pound Pups to Dog Stars

This rescue series showing you how we transform death row dogs into stars

This is our exciting Global TV series showing us rescuing Dogs that come from terrible abuse and difficulty. This heartfelt series follows us rescuing these dogs, from Pounds and Welfare organisations and rehabilitating them from difficult problems including phobias, aggressions, escaping and anorexia’s.  We walk you through how we diagnose and treat the problem.

It’s a tear jerking show seeing the dogs go from Rags to Riches.

You also see us treating a behaviour problem in our clinic and watch us behind the scenes on some of our Movie and TV jobs.

Watch us on TV1 On Demand