WORKSHOP: The Art and Science of transforming Dog Behaviour



Don’t miss out as only 15 spaces at each location.

Is understanding dogs and transforming dog behaviour your passion? Do you want to grow your skills, transform the dogs in your life or grow your business?

For the first-time Mark Vette will share the fundamental building blocks of his techniques and knowledge that have transformed 1000s of problem dogs over 40 years of clinical practice and academic study. He has developed a science based systematic approach proven both in his clinic and high level performances for lm and television and he wants to share them with you.


  • in-depth science of dog behaviour – why do dogs do what they do

  • foundation skills for e ective dog training and handling and transforming problem behaviour

  • art of applying those to the diverse range of dogs in your life.

We’ll cover the absolute critical issues!


Top 5 benefits from our 2-Day Workshop

  1. A lifelong investment in yourself and your career

  2. Gain critical knowledge and skills to transform the 1000s of dogs you’ll meet

  3. Build effective tools to transform behavior issues to support either your own dog or your clients

  4. Gain personal access to Mark Vette’s extensive knowledge and expertise and have the chance to explore future opportunities

  5. Be part of transforming dog behaviour in New Zealand in 10 years!


Who would BENEFIT?

This workshop is an essential rst step in our training series so has a wide scope of interest. Even if you are an experienced trainer understanding the ‘why’ of dog behaviour will transform your understanding.

  • Trainers

  • Doggy daycare/Dog walkers/groomers

  • Puppy classes trainers

  • Vet clinic staff

  • Behaviourist/dog trainer students

  • Serious Dog owners seeking to extend their skills • Specialist handlers – e.g. police/DoC/service dogshandlers.


Five reasons why you shouldn’t miss out

  1. Mark is qualified - his methods are based on modern scienti c knowledge and clinical expertise

  2. Proven effective techniques - you have seen it yourself on his TV series Pound Pups to Dog Stars

  3. He has state of the art support tools for ongoing learning

  4. Learn advanced training techniques to form the basis of resolving complex behaviour issues

  5. Discover the power of Clicker training to mark behaviour and switch dogs into learning state


What we will cover: 

Foundational knowledge

  • Formative period – prevention is better than the cure, critical information all dog owners must know

  • Learning state – if a dog isn’t in it they won’t learn, period!

  • Learning psychology – understand how dogs learn so we can train e ectively

  • Shared language – how to understand each other so training is e ective and quick.

Foundational skills

  • • Key techniques and tools

    • Contrast training – rewarding appropriate behaviors and learning boundaries– Clicker training – the most effective training tool Mark has ever used

    • Clip station –building the essential calm state in dogs

  • Golden rules for e ective training – setting up for success each time

  • Building sound relationships - if they aren’t connected to you they won’t learn from you

  • Safe meet and greets – teaching dogs how to greet appropriately and safely

  • The principles of transforming behaviour issues with a focus on dog aggression.

You will receive

  • 2-day workshop lead by Mark Vette supported by senior trainers

  • Individual attention - maximum of 15 participants

  • Pre-workshop package containing:

    • Preparation notes and exercises

    • Autographed copy of Dog Zen book

    • One month’s online access to Dog Zen programme

    • Training kit - 2 clickers, pouch, slip collar (size of your choice)

  • Lunch and tea/coffee each day

  • Post workshop notes so you can continue your learning

  • Closed Facebook page to share knowledge, network and

  • ask questions of Mark and each other

  • Certificate of completion

  • Access to discounted merchandise for on sale to your client

For all of above your investment is only $1490 (GST inc)*

*Discount for multiple bookings and students available. Costs do not include any travel or accommodation costs.


3-month post workshop support including:

  • 1 x 30min skype with Mark

  • Email support (one per week)

  • Online training programme access for life

Priced at $395 (GST inc)


Auckland: 14 - 15 June 2019

Christchurch: 19 - 20 July 2019

Wellington: 16 - 17 August 2109

Queenstown: 13 - 14 September 2019


  1. Enroll now and select your dates

  2. Email with the subject line ‘Train the Trainer and your location of choice” and if you want the upgrade option.

  3. Receive your pre-start pack

  4. Get started reading and practising so you arrive ready to take full advantage of the hands on workshops!


About Mark Vette BSc, MSc (Hons)

Qualified Animal Behaviourist and Consultant

Mark Vette is one of the world’s leading animal psychologists and behaviourists, who has been studying, treating and training dogs for more than 40 years. With his unique combination of extensive clinical experience paired with a strong academic background he is well placed to e ectively teach others in the complexities of dog behaviour and training. He is known as the star of the TV show Purina Pound Pups to Dog Stars and viral phenomena such as Driving Dogs, Flying Dogs and Octographer (where he taught an Octopus to take photos). He was also asked to lead the UK Sky TV series Dogs Might Fly. For more information about Mark’s training, go to

Mark has changed his focus from not only fixing problem dogs to enabling others to both prevent and resolve behaviour issues to build extraordinary bonds with dogs. With his suite of education tools he hopes to be part of a evolution in New Zealand that transforms dog behaviour in 10 years. We have such a long and extraordinary relationship with these incredible beings that we would not want to see undermined with continued year on year increases in dog aggression stats. Together we really can transform dog behaviour in NZ.