Meet the Team

Mark Vette

Director. BSc MSc Hons

Mark is a professional Animal Psychologist and Zoologist who treats behaviour problems in animals.

He is also a well known radio and TV personality communicating on animal issues in general.

Mark also consults for many organisations on various animal related subjects and teaches at Universities, Polytechs, and gives a public workshop series nationally. As demonstrated above, he locates, auditions and trains a broad array of species for film, TV and video.

Rosie Miles

Animal Trainer and Wrangler BSc

Rosie’s career with Animals On Q started by helping Mark prepare and train dogs for the movie ‘Under Dogs’ training sled dogs. She went on to assist with numerous TV commercials involving dogs over the past 3 years. Notable recent work involved training numerous species on The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and the Last Samurai movie with Tom Cruise.

Rosie is an extremely competent clicker trainer and is expertly trained in several other techniques used for advanced film and TV work. Like the other members of the Animals On Q team, she is excellent at adapting these techniques and improvising in order to solve novel, multi-species training problems in a gentle, effective, loving and humane way.

Bex Watts

Animal Trainer and Wrangler Eighteen Years Film Experience

Bex’s experience with animals began as a child living on a farm. She has ridden horses since she was 6 years old, and has worked with race-horses, polo ponies and eventers in NZ and Australia.

After 7 years on Xena as Lucy Lawless’ riding double, she joined Animals on Q for the Last Samurai and now enjoys training all species of animals using positive re-inforcement methods.

Bex has worked in the film industry for 18 years and has vast experience as body double, riding double, stunt rider, stunt harness driver, props creator, horse-dressing creator, animal training and co-ordinator. Bex also breeds Spanish Andalusian horses and enjoys farming and blue-water sailing.

Jazmin Vette-Dal Bello

Animal Trainer Dip Contemporary Photography

Jazmin has grown up working with animals, learning how to train them alongside her dad Mark. She has a great love of animals and is passionate about working with animals in the film industry.

Jazmin completed her Diploma in Contemporary Photography at Unitec in 2001. After working both here and overseas, she has returned to work with her dad at Animals On Q. As well as her photography she also works as Mark‘s P.A, helps co-ordinate the business, train’s animals and works on filmset.

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